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HQ 90W 19V 4.74A Adapter for HP Compaq 2000 6000 NC8220, NC8420 401-05432-BD022
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HQ 90W 19V 4.74A Adapter for HP Compaq 2000 6000 NC8220, NC8420 401-05432-BD022
HQ 90W 19V 4.74A Adapter for HP Compaq 2000 6000 NC8220, NC8420 401-05432-BD022
HQ 90W 19V 4.74A Adapter for HP Compaq 2000 6000 NC8220, NC8420 401-05432-BD022
HQ 90W 19V 4.74A Adapter for HP Compaq 2000 6000 NC8220, NC8420 401-05432-BD022

HQ 90W 19V 4.74A Adapter for HP Compaq 2000 6000 NC8220, NC8420 401-05432-BD022

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Condition: Brand new
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Weight: 0.221 kg
Size: 12.8 cm * 5 cm * 3.2 cm
Input interface standard: 2 Pin
Input: AC100V - 240 - v, 50 to 60 hz
Output: DC19V 4.74 A 90 w
The interface size:4.8mmx1.7mm

Compatible Laptop Models:

""CTRL""+""F""to find your laptop model/part number printed on your laptop bottom or original adapter.


HP Compaq 2000 Series

2500, 2700

HP Compaq 6000 Series


HP Compaq NC Series

NC8220, NC8420

HP Compaq NW Series

NW8200, NW8240

HP Compaq NX Series

NX8200, NX8220, NX8420

HP Compaq Tablet PC Series

TC1000, TC1100, TC4200

HP G G6000 Series

G6000, G6000XX, G6030EA, G6031EA,G6031EM, G6032EA, G6032EM, G6033EA, G6040EG, G6060, G6060EA, G6060EG, G6061,G6061EA, G6062EA, G6062EM, G6065, G6090EA, G6091EA, G6092EA, G6092EG, G6093EA,G6095EG, G6096EG, G6097EG

HP G G7000 Series

G70, G7005EG, G7010EO,G7015EA, G7015EM, G7021EB, G7030EC, G7030EF, G7030EI, G7030ER, G7030EV,G7030EW, G7032EO, G7032TU, G7035EM, G7035ER, G7040, G7040EA, G7040EG, G7045EA,G7050EI, G7050EV, G7060, G7060ER, G7060EV, G7061EO, G7061ER, G7063EO, G7063ER,G7065EB, G7065EG, G7070EJ, G7070EP, G7073EI, G7090EM, G7091EA, G7091EM,G7091TU, G7096EA

HP Notebook PC 500 Series

530 Black

HP Pavilion DV2 Series

dv2, dv2-1002ax, dv2-1003au,dv2-1005ax, dv2-1005ee, dv2-1008au, dv2-1008ax, dv2-1014ax, dv2-1015ax,dv2-1019ax, dv2-1020ax, dv2-1025ee, dv2-1026ax, dv2-1050ew, dv2-1050es,dv2-1113ax, dv2-1115ea, dv2-1115ee, dv2-1119ax, dv2-1120el, dv2-1120eo,dv2-1124ax, dv2-1125ax, dv2-1130es, dv2-1130eo, dv2-1136ax, dv2-1137ax,dv2-1160ed, dv2-1199us

HP Pavilion DV2000 Series

dv2001tx, dv2001xx, dv2003tx,dv2005tu, dv2006xx, dv2007ea, dv2009ea, dv2010tx, dv2011ea, dv2013ea, dv2015ea,dv2016tx, dv2017ea, dv2019ea, dv2020tx, dv2020us, dv2024tx, dv2026tx, dv2029ea,dv2029tu, dv2031tu, dv2033tu, dv2035tu, dv2037tu, dv2039tx, dv2040ca, dv2042tu,dv2045ea, dv2045tu, dv2049tx, dv2056ea, dv2081ea, dv2082ea, dv2097ea

HP Pavilion DV2100 Series

dv2101tu, dv2101tx, dv2103au,dv2104eu, dv2104tu, dv2106ea, dv2106eu, dv2108tu, dv2110tx, dv2111tu, dv2114tx,dv2116wm, dv2117tx, dv2120la, dv2120tu, dv2122tx, dv2125tx, dv2126tx, dv2130ea,dv2132tx, dv2133ea, dv2135tx, dv2136tx, dv2140eu, dv2144tx, dv2145tx, dv2149tx,dv2152tx, dv2153tx, dv2166eu, dv2171ca, dv2174ea, dv2190ea, dv2195eu

HP Pavilion DV2200 Series

dv2200, dv2200 CTO, dv2210us

HP Pavilion DV2500 Series

dv2500t, dv2501tu, dv2503tu,dv2503tx, dv2505tu, dv2505tx, dv2508tu, dv2508tx, dv2510tu, dv2510tx, dv2513tx,dv2514tu, dv2515tx, dv2516tu, dv2518tx, dv2519ea, dv2520tu, dv2520tx, dv2522tx,dv2523tx, dv2526tx, dv2527tx, dv2530ea, dv2530ee, dv2531tx, dv2532tx, dv2535tx,dv2536tx, dv2540tx, dv2545ef, dv2554ea, dv2555ea, dv2580eo, dv2580et

HP Pavilion DV2600 Series

dv2600 CTO, dv2620ea,dv2639tx, dv2640tx, dv2641tx, dv2699ea, dv2699ee, dv2699ef, dv2699el, dv2699eo,dv2699ep, dv2699es

HP Pavilion DV2700 Series

dv2700 C, dv2700t, dv2700tv, dv2700tw,dv2701tx, dv2702tx, dv2705tx, dv2709tx, dv2715tx, dv2720tx, dv2730tx, dv2733tx,dv2739tx, dv2740tx, dv2750ea, dv2753tx, dv2754tx, dv2758tx, dv2759tx, dv2762tx,dv2763tx, dv2765tx, dv2766tx, dv2970ef, dv2780el, dv2799, dv2799ea, dv2799ee,dv2799ef, dv2799en, dv2799eo

HP Pavilion DV2800 Series

dv2800t, dv2800ty, dv2805 C,dv2808tx, dv2809tx, dv2810ea, dv2810er, dv2813tx, dv2814tx, dv2815ea, dv2817tx,dv2819tx, dv2820tx, dv2823tx, dv2824tx, dv2826tx, dv2827tx, dv2828tx, dv2829tx,dv2831tx, dv2835ef, dv2835tx, dv2840se, dv2845se, dv2890ca, dv2899ea, dv2899ez,dv2899ee, dv2899ed, dv2899ef, dv2899ep, dv2899er, v2899es, dv2899et

HP Pavilion DV2900 Series

dv2900, dv2901tu, dv2901tx,dv2902tu, dv2902tx, dv2903tu, dv2907tx, dv2908tu, dv2908tx, dv2910ca, dv2910tx,dv2911tx, dv2912tx, dv2914ca, dv2915ca, dv2915nr, dv2915tx, dv2917tx, dv2918tx,dv2919tx, dv2920tx, dv2924tx, dv2925la, dv2925tx, dv2930ef, dv2934ca, dv2940br,dv2946nr, dv2949se, dv2960br, dv2965br, dv2990ca, dv2990nr, dv2998nr

HP Pavilion DV6000 Series

dv6000, dv6000t, dv6000z,dv6001xx, dv6002xx, dv6003ea, dv6003xx, dv6004ea, dv605, dv6007ea, dv6010ea,dv6011ea, dv6012ea, dv6015ea, dv6016ea, dv6017ea, dv6018ea, dv6019ea, dv6022ea,dv6023ea, dv6024ea, dv6025ea, dv6045nr, dv6054ea, dv6057ea, dv6058cl, dv6060ea,dv6061ea, dv6062ea, dv6063ea, dv6064ea, dv6086ea, dv6087ea, dv6088ea, dv6095ea

HP Pavilion DV6100 Series

dv6101ea, dv6102tx, dv6104eu,dv6105us, dv6108ea, dv6110br, dv6111eu, dv6113tx, dv6144tx, dv6115eu, dv6118ea,dv6119us, dv6120us, dv6123eu, dv6125se, dv6127tx, dv6129tx, dv6131eu, dv6133eu,dv6135ea, dv6137ea, dv6139ea, dv6142eu, dv6147eu, dv6150br, dv6152ea, dv6155eu,dv6159ea, dv6163ea, dv6172ea, dv6182ea, dv6185eu, dv6188eu, dv6196ea

HP Pavilion DV6200 Series

dv6200, dv6200 CTO, dv6201tx, dv6202tx,dv6203tx, dv6204tx, dv6205tx, dv6206tx, dv6226us, dv6245us, dv6265us, dv6299xx
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